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New Build - 2000€ Budget
New Build - 2000€ Budget

Hello, I am looking to make a brand new build starting next month, since my PC is 3 years old and I got the money to purchase new parts.


1. Budget & Location

2000€ - Europe (Portugal) I can lookup prices on , purchase from,,,


2. Aim

Mostly editing software, I'm a freelancer artist so I use Manga Studio, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, etc. I also render some stuff with Sony Vegas.

But I also want to be able to play some games once a while, such as Witcher 3, Civilization, Minecraft, New Upcoming Borderlands!


3. Monitors

Already got a 1440p monitor but aiming on purchasing another one.


4. Peripherals

Don't need any.


5. Why are you upgrading?

Because my PC is oooold!



Thank you!