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1800 - 2000$ Budget

1800 - 2000$ Budget

Hello everyone this will be my first PC build & I’m trying to build a beast for my money(USD). I’ll be strictly Gaming & Editing clips. Games such as WoW , Fortnite , LoL & Diablo. I’ve already bought my Case & CPU Cooler & plan on buying everything else on Prime Days. I won’t need a Operating System , Keyboard or Mouse. I’ll be running 1920 144hz single monitor but eventually going dual with a 1444 or maybe something better. I’ll also be getting the new RTX 2070 Super. 

If you guys think any parts should be changed to make this build stronger & better overall for gaming & any future possible upgrades please let me know !! I’m not worried if I have to spend a lil extra to make it worth it. I wasn’t sure to run M2 drives instead of Internal so please any suggestions !