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3900X Video Editing/Some Gaming $3000 Canadian Build Help

3900X Video Editing/Some Gaming $3000 Canadian Build Help

1. Budget & Location

$3000ish in Canada. I get a 3 year interest free loan for $3K, so I can go over a bit if I need too.

2. Aim

I do a lot of 4K 60fps video editing for my small YouTube channel, that will be the main workload of the computer. I do play the odd game but because my current machine is so old I have been buying things for my Xbone instead.

3. Monitors

I will be running at least 2 monitors and maybe 3 depending on how bit I go for one of them.

4. Peripherals

I will need Windows. I have keyboard, mouse, speakers, headset. I will be buying at least 1 better monitor though. I will probably end up buying a multiple monitor arm.

5. Why are you upgrading?

My current machine is a 2500K and I don't remember the graphics card, I built it in 2011 for Battlefield 3. It is a massive pain to edit the 4K footage now. 

6. Extra info

I got the 3900X from Amazon with the price error so figured that would be my starting point. Generally have never tinkered with my machines before and I am not hunting for extra fps for games, so I don't think I will be really doing any overclocking. I do want RGB because I am a noob, but it really won't make or break anything. But I would for example pay $10 more for a component to have it. The monitors I currently have are all pre-display port... so a 4K monitor (maybe as I am not sure if it is worth 4K at sub 30"?) and probably a high refresh rate one will be needed as well. The monitor situation is something I am not super sure about. I have a solid 4K tv close by so I don't necessarily need a 4K monitor on the desk and I will probably just buy 1 new monitor and use my old ones as the secondary/tertiary screens..


I don't believe I will ever need PCI4, and I doubt I would buy a second graphics card so I think I could just get a B450? Could anyone give some advice? I know I have to watch the LTT video about timings and everything for RAM but I haven't had the time to actually part pick yet.


Hopefully I hit all the points right for this.