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ANNOUNCEMENT Luxor Forums Contest! Win Big Prizes!
Luxor Forums Members!

Luxor Forums is pleased to announce the Luxor Forums Contest!

Everyone is invited to participate in the Luxor Forums Contest and win BIG prizes!

The contest is to determine who can do well in the Luxor Forums' Luxar Bank!
The more you participate in Luxor Forums, the larger your Luxar account will grow!
Whoever gets the most Luxars (a.k.a. coins) in the Luxar Bank at the end of the contest will be the Grand Prize winner!
There will be 5 place winners in this contest. 
The Grand Prize winner will be the person who has the most coins in the Luxar Bank at the end of the contest.
The other winners will be based on the final coin count in the Luxar Bank at the conclusion of the contest.
The end of the contest is May 31, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

Winners will be announced HERE at Luxor Forums on June 1st. 

How to enter the contest? It's easy!

Go to the DOWN tab (next to the word Contact) at the top of the page and word 'More' will appear at your mouse cursor. 
At the drop-down menu, move the cursor to 'Luxar' and click on it.

But Serpius, how do I get Luxars?

Obtain Luxars (also known as coins) by participating in the forums, in the various Arcade games, the virtual Stock Market and the Coin Flip game (both are in Luxar Bank). 

You can obtain Luxars by posting and starting new threads. This PAGE shows you how many Luxars you get for each post and thread.

You can also refer new members by using your referral number. This POST shows you how.

Hmm... Serpius... what are the prizes?

Glad you asked!

Grand Prize winner: $100!
2nd Prize winner: $50!
3rd Prize winner: Account upgrade up to 2 paid account levels!
4th Prize winner: $25!
5th Prize winner: Account upgrade to 1 paid account level!
(refer to this Account Upgrade page for further information)

The winning monetary prize can be paid in one of 3 ways: Paypal, Ethereum (ETH), or Bitcoin (BTC). No other payout methods will be granted. 

The most important part of any contest... the rules. (yea, I know, but we got to have 'em!)

1. You MUST be an email verified member of Luxor Forums. (no exceptions!)
3. Active participation in the Luxor Forums is REQUIRED! Why is it required? Isn't it obvious? The more you participate, the more Luxars you get!
3. All posts & threads must be legit and not full of garbage! Read This POST for more details.
4. Your account must NOT be created for bot(s). This includes bots for the SOCKS forum section! Any bot accounts will not be eligible for the contest. Abuse of this may result in a ban!
5. Staff and Administrators of Luxor Forums are NOT eligible to participate in this contest! (boo!! hiss!!)
6. At the start of the contest, all users will have their Luxars in the Luxar Bank reset to 50 Luxars. 
7. Tie-breakers (if any) for the Grand Prize winner will extend the contest by one day! If the 2 players are still tied at the end of the extended day, the Administrators of Luxor Forums will determine the final Grand Prize winner. All other ties, 1st place to 4th place, will be determined by total POST count. This does not include threads or referrals!
8. For monetary payouts, you must have a legit Paypal account! (not stolen or fraudulently created). For ETH and BTC payouts, you must provide your legit crypto coin address. Providing false information in any of these monetary payouts will result in loss of your prize winnings and given to the next winning user in the contest.
9. Have fun!!

Any questions? Please ask them here! Any changes and/or additions will be updated in this post! Please check back here often!

[Image: xwXpx1Z.png]
Good luck to all members participating!
This contest has been put on hold due to my severe medical issues.

When I am ready start up the it will be announced.

[Image: xwXpx1Z.png]
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