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Bought a 3700x, Looking for an Appropriate MOBO

Bought a 3700x, Looking for an Appropriate MOBO

Hello techies,

I am in the process of upgrading my 1500x to a 3700x (big jump). I know that my board (AsRock ab350m pro4), even though technically supporting, can barely handle the power needed to supply the 3700x. So, I need a new board. There is an AsRock x570m pro4 board, but I don't particularly want to spend the money on an x570 chipset, especially when it seems that the power delivery/cooling may not be up to par. Before I continue to rant, I want to mention that I only plan to do smaller overclocks across all cores (100-200Mhz in addition). I have looked into some of the higher-end matx b450 boards and there seem to be some good options, such as the MSI B450M Mortar (which seems to have good enough power delivery). I also wonder if I should just wait for the release of the B550 chipset, though I don't like the idea of waiting that long. I hope that the collective knowledge of the PCMR can bring me some insight.