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Clixors- How To Make A Flash Game Trainer -TuT

Hello, Today I am going to show all of you how to make a basic game trainer.

Necessary Equipment:

1. A .swf decompiler. I recommend using SoThink SWF DeCompiler

2. A web browser that allows you to view the page information such as firefox.

3. Basic Knowledge of visual basic programming.

4.Obviously, Visual Basic. I will be using Visual Basic 2008

Step 1: Getting the SWF from your game.

First, find a game you want to make a trainer for. I will be using Electric Man 2 Right click the page and select "View page info" like this-
Then, Click media and find the SWF for the game you are making a trainer for like this-
It should say embed under the type but sometimes it says object under type.

Step 2: Selecting The Variable
Now you must open the swf in SoThink. If you downloaded sothink correctly it should look like this-[Image: jkjSKQ.jpg]

Now click the maximize button next to electricman2.swf and select action and go to MainMovie like his-
Now find a variable. Most variables start with Root and look something like "root.life" Or something similar. I am going to use root.username to change my username in the game. The variable you pick should look like this- Step 3: Making The Trainer
Open visual basic and create a new windows application. Name it anything you like. Now go to solution explorer and click show all files like this-
Now, Right click references and click add reference and go to the COM tab and look for flash or FlashAccessibility like this-
Now,Right click Toolbox -> Click "Choose Items", in COM Components tab, choose Shockwave Flash Object, then you can see the control in the Toolbox.Now in your toolbox you should find something called Shockwave Flash Object. Drag one of those onto your form and resize it to the size you are comfortable with. Right click it and click properties and look for where it says "Movie". under movie put the link of the swf you downloaded. In this case it would be-http://www.andkon.com/arcade/adventureaction/electricman2/electricman2.swf

Put that into movie and add a button and a textbox to your form.
Double Click the button and add this-
Call AxShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("your variable here", TextBox1.Text)

Since im using the Username variable my code is this-
Call AxShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("username", TextBox1.Text)

Now when you debug the game should load normally. Select what username and electricity color you want and start playing. Play through the first round with your username then in the text box change your username to anything you want and it will become that username.

Now you have a simple trainer for electric man 2! That's the end of my tutorial! I hope you all enjoy it an make some pretty cool trainers with it!

Seems to be cool tutorial, thanks for this! Smile
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Nice tutorial mate!!
Thanks for sharing So Think swf decompiler! Biggrin
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thanksssss.it's very usefulll

Looks nice , but no time to test Sad


You can also make a Flash game trainer with flasm, so you won't require a download. It's harder but in some cases better.
Hey guys!
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