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Coding another interpreter

So I'm going to code a proper interpreter this time, rather than just getting things to works. This means with proper error-handling and structure of my code.

It'll have a wide framework, will update this thread with more info and betas, once I get there.

The language will be created from scratch with no reference other than the .NET Framework and will be compt. all the way down to .NET 2.0.

At first I'll optimize it for console only, but later for Windows Forms and Web (As a web-language).

What I want is suggestions such as name, features and what you'd like to see.

The syntax will be similar as the other one I did with a mix between Python and VB.

What features it'll contain no matter what:
Datatypes from 8bit integers to 64bit integers.
Datatypes from 32bit floatpoints to 128bit floatpoints.
Datatypes such as boolean, char and string.
Datastructures (struct)
Functions (method)
Returnable Functions (method + return)
Member Accessors (Public, Private)
Threads / Multithread
Object List
Object Dictionary
Object Array
If, Else, Elif (Else If)
I/O (Input / Output)
Ordinary Operators (+, -, *, /, =, !)
Bitwise/Other Operators (^, |, &, ~, :, ?)
Assembler for .NET (Call .NET references)
Full Thread-safe access when using .NET 4.0+ (Objects are stored concurrent.)
Possiblity for thread-safety for .NET 2.0+ (Using regular dictionarys and lock.)
Loops (For, Foreach, While)
Linked Variables (Equal to properties: get/set)
Constant Variables

Suggestions are appreciated.