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I Was Banned, I Want Revenge!


Seeking revenge is not healthy for you!

Read this article!  I Was Banned, I Want Revenge!

[Image: xwXpx1Z.png]

I can see why she was tossed aside. She didn't respect her friend and their feelings. She may not think her husband is disrespectful to her friend, but her friend does. Maybe that is what she should address that to get unbanned from the social group.

If that cannot be addressed then respect her friend by moving on. We may think highly of our spouses but other people may have a different opinion. If that is the case then moving on to a social group that is comfortable with her husband would be a better choice. A lot better than expecting her friend to put up with someone they cannot stand out of some obligation because they "helped" her in the past. That will never work out.

Revenge may seem like the way to go but often making choices that are beneficial to us in the long run is better.