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New Website Position!

New moderator position opening for a new website called Contenght.

What is Contenght?

Contenght - Pronounced 'kon-tent' noun: 'something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts'

Contenght is a society where contenght creators (YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, SoundCloud artists, designers, and webmasters) can promote their contenght, get more viewers, and connect with fellow creators. 

Contenght is a new website, but we are gearing up for big things in the future! Contenght is aiming to be the "go-to" source for small contenght creators.

Luxor Forums Development, LLC is opening up a new website for contenght creators to show off their contenght!

Target date of the "grand opening" is set for March 8th. This date is subject to change!

Luxor Forums Development is looking for a qualified moderator to review any and all contenght that is submitted to Contenght as per the rules and policies of Contenght.

The moderator will be under the direction of Owner and Administrator, Serpius. He/She is to follow all directions, rules, and policies in place when accepting this position.

  1. Have you administered or moderated an online forum?
  2. How comfortable are you with the MyBB software?
  3. Are you familiar with MyBB Moderation tools?
  4. How active are you on YouTube?
  5. Have you created YouTube videos (optional)?
  6. What is your favorite video genre on YouTube?
  7. Who are some of your favorite YouTube channels?
  8. Why are you interested in moderating Contenght?

When answering your replies, please create a new PM to Serpius and answer the 8 questions in order.

This thread is not open for replies/posts, therefore, you will not be able to directly reply to this post. You must send a PM directly to Serpius.

Thank you!

[Image: xwXpx1Z.png]