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New build need help please...

New build need help please...

Ok, so I'm building a new pc and I need help picking out my PSU and HFS.


CPU- i5-9600k ($200)

Mobo- Gigabyte Z390I Aorus Pro ($135, combo deal from local microcenter)

RAM- G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8 GB DDR4-3200 ($78)

GPU- Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070Ti (got this for a really good price, just under $300)

SSD- Samsung 970 EVO 500GB ($80)

Case- BitFenix Phenom ($90)

(Monitor- Dell S2716DGR)


This PC will be primarily for gaming and the game I'll be playing the most will be classic WoW. As you can see I'm kinda going for a budget 1440p 144hz build. My Goal is to average greater than 120fps (or close) on ultra to high settings, again playing classic wow. With that in mind, I've used some PSU calculators and my estimated wattage comes out around *450w. Most sites suggest a 650w PSU for my build but I feel a 550w might suffice. I'm leaning toward a 550w Seasonic Focus Plus gold for $60 (after rebate on newegg). Lastly, do CPUs need HSFs if you only plan to do minor to no OCing? If it's best to have one anyways, then what would be recommended? I'm leaning toward Noctua or Scythe HSFs but I'm all for suggestions. TIA!