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Next upgrade?

Next upgrade?

i Mainly play Blackout im having some less then exciting frame. Avg 50-60fps with dips into the 30s with all settings to very low or off

 Heres my setup with the purchase dates next to it


Antec 300 case (2011)

R3 1200 (2017)

B350 mobo (2017)

Asrocksphamtom gamingX rx 580 8gb (2018)

2x 4gb g.skill ripjaws V ddr 4 3000mhz

Thermaltake smart series 650w 80+ bronze (2016)

500gb ssd 860 evo ( 2018)

Unplugged  hdd 1tb not using it (2016)

Samsung 24"  1080p 60hz monitor (2011)



Also whata the path to 100+fpa at 1080p