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PeePlusPlus news got me real curious

PeePlusPlus news got me real curious

I've been away from PHP for almost a decade. I wasn't expecting anything like PHP 7 gains but the news was everywhere. So I think it's ok to ask.

1- Is there any precedent for a massive clean up of the language? Like a RFC that was voted down.

2- In your opinion, could that realistic happen?

3- If I were to believe many opinions around places like HN, /r/programming and co.. The language is very stagnant in numbers, declining unfortunately and getting less core developers (that last one I only read once or twice). Even as it gets better and better! So there's real motives to do something radical in name of keeping it alive because gradual change is not enough, it would need to shoot the fractal blog post in the face. So the FAQ says there is a division between core developers. Could that spark a fork from the devs who want this clean up to happen? Like hijacking the infrastructure I don't know who's in charge of that and owns the PHP trademark.

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