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VERGE: Do NOT Buy Into The Hype
Just wanted to share this hilarious video by Doug Polk talking about the recent events regarding the  crypto currency Verge (XVG).

I never touched this shitcoin after I did some researching when the hype for Verge originally started over 7 months ago and I came across this Reddit post... The post has since been deleted by the mods of the r/vergecurrency subreddit of course, but thankfully I took a screenshot when this was first posted.

[Image: 2A4TR1v.png]
(Screenshot of Reddit post mentioned above)

Not many people know about those people who used the web wallet over 7 months ago and lost their coins... So after seeing how poorly managed this coin was, it wasn't hard to keep me far, far away! The video above talks about more recent events that have occurred around Verge as I figured would continue to happen 7 months ago and still do expect to happen as long as people continue to buy this shitcoin...
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