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Yes CryptoTab Is A Obvious SCAM

I feel the need to rip this scam apart at how obvious it is, so that's just what I'm going to do... I find it hard to believe the amount of people using this service and not realizing to begin with that it's a freaking SCAM!! So for those reasons, I'm going to try and make this post very easy and clear for everyone to understand and comprehend. If you have any questions or comments regarding this post or CryptoTab, please leave them below and I'll gladly reply!

What is CryptoTab?
CryptoTab is a Chrome/Firefox browser add-on which lets you mine Bitcoin straight from your browser with the computers CPU/GPU power. That doesn't seem like a scam right? Well let me continue...

The service allows users to mine Bitcoin in their browser, which means they will be mining for Bitcoin with a CPU or GPU. If you know anything about mining Bitcoin, this would already be the first red flags thrown at you... Mining Bitcoin with CPUs became outdated in late 2010 when GPU miners came into play, decimating the CPU mining for Bitcoin. And the same thing happened to GPUs when when the first ASICs came to market, GPU mining would eventually be rendered useless... Which happened in early 2013 when ASICs came into the scene, decimating the GPU mining for Bitcoin.

Welp, here we are 5 years later in 2018 with CryptoTab allowing users to mine Bitcoin with there CPU/GPU over 5 years after it becoming irrelevant in 2010 - 2013... So there is your obvious as ever first red flag. But wait... there's more! We're just getting started!

Too Good To Be True
So now that we know CryptoTab allows users to mine Bitcoin in their web browsers using CPUs/GPUs, but how much do they tell users they can make? Well according to the home page you can "Earn more than 1 BTC"... Sorry to get your hopes up after reading that, but you probably have a better chance at winning a lottery than mining 1 BTC with a CPU or GPU...

[Image: DCte6lb.png]
(Banner on CryptoTab home page)
Let's not forget the "special promo" they are offering... At the time of writing this, visiting the CryptoTab home page displays a banner which says "Invite new users and get 0.3 BTC" which is $2,600 at the current Bitcoin price at the time of writing this...

I'm having a hard time remembering which recent ponzi scheme paid out ridiculous amounts to affiliates who brought in more people... Can someone remind me??

Who Is Promoting
This section is going to be fairly short as I talk about who's promoting and what they gain for promoting CryptoTab.

So who is promoting CryptoTab? 2 types of people...
  1. Internet marketers just looking to make a quick buck by inviting more people
  2. Regular people who don't have a clue what they're doing trying to make money inviting people
The first type of people know exactly what they're doing and many of them promoted Bitconnect along with many other shady crypto related programs. Their main goal is to get as much people as they can to join in under them, that way they get a kickback from all the users that join in under them.

The second type of people are people that don't have much knowledge on crypto currency or how it even works, which is why people actually believe they can mine Bitcoin with a CPU or GPU. The reason these people promote CryptoTab is because in order to start making money you need to recruit people.

Yes, you read that right... You need to recruit people before you start making any money. I'll cover more on why you need to recruit others in order to make money in the next section.

Cherry On Top
Get ready for the climax...

So to add the cherry on top, they even have a pyramid chart on their website displaying how far the kickbacks go for recruiting new users. The CryptoTab website has plenty of information on recruiting new members and absolutely NOTHING about mining or the miner itself, you know ...like how the hell do you mine Bitcoin with a freaking CPU or GPU.... Kinda leaves you wondering if the browser add-on even mines like they say it does...? I mean you can't mine Bitcoin with a CPU/GPU, so what's the add-on even do??

[Image: uG65o8S.png]
(Pyramid from CryptoTab website)

[Image: Zz2ULdK.png]
(Pyramid image on CryptoTab website named scheme.png)

In the last section I mentioned you need to recruit other people before you start making money, here I will go more in depth.

If you just register to CryptoTab and haven't recruited anyone under you, then you are classified as a "noobie" on the website and won't earn any Bitcoin while in that class maybe a tiny amount just to tease you to make you go invite others so you can get your payout. You will need to recruit people in order to move up classes to start earning Bitcoin, the more people you invite the more you go up in classes and the more Bitcoin you will earn. And that's not how Bitcoin mining works unfortunately by just inviting people... but that's how a ponzi scheme works though!

Which is why you will see titles like this... People bragging about how much money they are making such as 5 BTC and $30,000 a month just by using CryptoTab.
[Image: wR10RLx.png]
[Image: 0dM1xvy.png]
[Image: 7ifOaQ7.png]

These are the types of people you don't want to take any advice from as they just want you to sign up under them so they get more kickbacks and nor do they even know anything about Bitcoin mining trying to promote a CPU/GPU Bitcoin miner 5 years after they've been useless for mining Bitcoin.

But lets look a little further into the website and see what they say...
[Image: 22EqFXa.png]

Wait WTF?!?! Those articles said "make 5 BTC and $30,000 a month..." Now you tell me you need a minimum of 0.001 BTC ($9.00) to withdraw which usually takes ONLY a few months?!?! I thought you could make $30k a month, not $9.00 in a few months!!

So how can I earn the $30k per month?? Let me keep reading...
[Image: K9U5sRb.png]

Ahh! Much better! So in order to earn more just "invite as many friends as possible and motivate them to invite others." No need to buy more GPUs or computing power the way mining actually works...

You can see below a earning calculator on the website showing how much you can earn from using CryptoTab. The most obvious red flag here is the calculator goes by the amount of people you invite, not your computing power or hash rate the way mining is actually calculated. I mean after all this thing is a Bitcoin miner right...? If you've gotten this far it's pretty obvious that it isn't.

[Image: qUm2tDI.png]
(Bitcoin mining earning calculator calculated by people invited, NOT hashrate...)

Wrapping This Up
Hopefully if you got this far, you get the picture... a very clear picture at how this very sketchy service works. Now I'm going to quickly summarize each section and put it all together as simple and quickly as I can...
  • CryptoTab is a Bitcoin mining add-on for web browsers to mine using CPU/GPU
  • Mining Bitcoin with a CPU or GPU has been useless since 2010 - 2013
  • You won't earn any Bitcoin till you invite other people to join under you
  • Website says it will take a few months a earn 0.001 BTC ($9.00) while using this miner, while promoters claim $30,000
  • To earn more than 0.001 BTC ($9.00) in a few months you need to invite others
  • How much you earn is calculated by the people you invited, and not hash rate which is how mining is actually calculated
  • Website has misspellings and uses the word "earn" not "mine" hint you don't actually mine anything but earn from inviting people
  • Website says little to nothing about mining and everything about inviting other people
  • Website has a pyramid scheme chart... do I really need to continue?

If you still don't see how this is a obvious scam.... well, good luck in life. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or comments post them!

Have a nice day!