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Luxor Forums Market Rules


This is to inform you that any type of dealing in this section is not done by Luxor Forums or their staff. You are soley responsible for dealing with anyone in selling, buying or bartering products and/or services.
So be safe, careful and secure.
1. Read the Rules of Luxor Forums carefully before doing any type of sales, buying and/or bartering.
2. Selling of credit cards and VCC (a.k.a., carding) is not allowed at all
3. We are NOT responsible for any type of sales, buying, or bartering of goods and/or services here!
4. Proof of item(s) or services you own or provide must be posted. Failure to do this will result your post being removed and you will get a warning!
5. Scamming or fraud is not tolerated and will result in immediate BAN
6. You can only post here if you have +1 reputation and post count >=10 and 2 days registered (except for upgraded accounts)
7. Posting proof and screenshot with your name within your post and Luxor Forums is important or else your thread will be removed without warning! Read rule #4!
Follow all rules and use common sense when in the Luxor Forums Marketplace.