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ChatRoom Rules & Guidelines
1. No continuous offensive language - This includes comments that are full of constant cussing, even if it isn't directed at anyone.
2. No moderation except for designated Luxor Forums staff.
3. No spamming - This includes excessive use of capital letters and characters and repetitive comments that do not contribute to the conversation.
4. URL shorteners (such as bit.ly, tinyurl, etc.) are prohibited.
5. Advertising other sites and promotions/referral links/clickfarm links are prohibited.
6. No use of the /me command.
7. Please do not format your messages.
8. Marketing is prohibited - This includes buying, selling, asking for items, and market topic links - If you wish to sell your items via forums, go to HR Market.
9. Discussing ChatRoom bans is prohibited. If you were banned in the ChatRoom, appeal to the Luxor Forums Admins.
10. English is the only language permitted for moderation reasons.
11. Links to inappropriate content (e.g. dark web, pornography) are not permitted, even if the links are just suggestive or not clickable.
12. Avoiding ChatRoom bans is prohibited and may result in a forum IP/Username ban.
13. All other Luxor Forums rules apply.