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Rules And Regulations


Rules And Regulations

  1. Respect everyone, we all are human beings and should be treated equally.
  2. Do NOT post off-topic comments that are not relevant to the thread topic. You will be WARNED!
  3. Respect others opinions
  4. Excessive rudeness, flaming, or being disresptful towards other Luxor Forums users!
  5. No Low Quality postings - You will be given warnings for this!
  6. No stealing others data and/or identity. (also known as: data/identify theft)
  7. The signature size limit is set to 200x200, if you have a signature more than that then it will be re-sized.
  8. Do not post infected links.
  9. You need to have 10 post count before you can add signature.
  10. Search before you ask anything!
  11. No spamming or posting carding information! This action will result in IMMEDIATE BAN! No exceptions!
  12. No referral links to "get rich quick", "ponzi", or "unethical" schemes will be permitted!
  13. No cross and double posting.
  14. Hacking other users or discuss of hacking of other users are not allowed. You will be banned for this!
  15. We are not responsible for any type of deals that you do here.
  16. Do not post personal data
  17. Do not steal other posts, if you share other posts then giving credit to the owner
  18. Reputation is a system to show how much user is dedicated to the site and it does not indicate that the user is trusted to deal with.
  19. Luxor Forums does not permit in any blackhat activity and nor does it encourage users to do. Do NOT discuss blackhat activity content. However, preventing blackhat activity is permitted!
  20. Read help documents to understand using Mybb forum software.
  21. Child pornography, harassment/offensive material, phishing, malicious file distributions is not permitted on Luxor Forums.
  22. If you feel anything should be added to the forum then post in the Luxor Forums Suggestion and Ideas sections.
  23. No multiple accounts under any circumstances.
  24. Advertising of competing sites are not allowed or No advertising without Luxor Forums owner permission!
  25. No donation or reputation begging is permitted.
  26. No fake programs.
  27. No monetized or clickbait links! If you post these, you will be warned. Multiple violations may result in a permanet ban!
  28. If you are adding any shortened URL then you are also needed to post non referral URL as well.
  29. No selling of user accounts (either regular or upgraded accounts)! If you are found doing this... You will be banned forever! No exceptions!
  30. Violations of other Site Rules listed in Luxor Forums.