Python News: What's New From August 2021?

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Summer holidays have ended, and it’s back to school again. While it was a time of leisure and getting disconnected from the virtual world for many of us, the Python maintainers and contributors have been busy working during that same period. Just in August 2021, the Python community saw three new Python releases, bringing some important security fixes, optimizations, and brand-new features.

Let’s dive into the biggest Python news from the past month!

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Python 3.10 Is Almost Ready​

On August 3rd, the first preview release of Python 3.10.0 finally came out.

The Python community has been holding their breath for months in anticipation of the next minor release of their favorite language. Python 3.10.0 will be packed with loads of exciting new features and improvements. Some even sparked a bit of controversy, but that’s often the case with groundbreaking changes.

If you can’t wait to give Python 3.10.0 a test drive before it’s officially released on October 4th, then you can grab its release candidate that got published early last month. The final release will only include bug fixes without adding extra features, so the preview release is fairly complete.

You can access the preview release in a couple of different ways:

  • You can navigate your web browser to the official Python 3.10.0rc1 downloads page and fetch either the source code to compile or a Python installer for your operating system.
  • Alternatively, you can run the release candidate alongside your other Python interpreters with the help of pyenv.
  • Finally, you can try the latest Python release without installing it by running the interpreter in a Docker container.

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